How to Import Drills on an iPhone

You can import drill files using an iOS device mail app (for example, Apple Mail or Google Gmail).

Launch your iPhone mail app and navigate to a mail message that has a CycleTimer .cmt file attached. Green Splats 1 and 2 show an example. I had previously exported the .cmt file from CycleTimer using the
Tools > Export Drills
buttons and and the attachment appeared in my mail named CMMMapOfTrackToDrill_v4.cmt.

Touch the attachment image to view the attachment.

Depending on your mail app the attachment may show content (Apple Mail) or may not (Google Gmail). Green Splat 3 is the Apple Mail app showing the attachment content.

Touch the box with the vertical arrow in the upper right corner. This will pop up a set of choices.

The second row shows apps on your device that can handle the .cmt file. You may have to slide the row right or left to find CycleTimer. Green Splat 4 shows what it looks like.

Touch the icon labeled "Open in CycleTimer". This launches the app CycleTimer and passes it the attachment for processing.

Green Splat 5 shows CycleTimer starting up and recognizing that there are drills to import.

Touch OK to process the drills.

The drills will be added. They are matched to your songs by Artist Name and Song Title, which must match exactly. Any existing drills for the same Artist and Song will be overwritten. If you don't have a Song by that Artist then the drill will not match anything, will not be visible in CycleTimer, and will have no bad affect.

If any of the Songs were originally marked "Apply to this Playlist only" when exported then the import will attempt to match them to a playlist with the same name. If you don't have a playlist by that name, even if you have the Artist and Song, it will not match and will not be visible in CycleTimer.

Touch Cancel to skip the import. Nothing will be imported, no existing drills will be affected.

After CycleTimer has processed the drills it will announce it as shown in Green Splat 6. This should occur very fast, almost instantly.

Touch OK to proceed to CycleTimer.

Version 4.0 - Last updated: 07/08/2015